Sunday, October 31, 2010

Advantage of Online Selling

Few years ago, I've always been searching for other means and ways to earn more money while I'm still studying beside from my monthly allowance I am receiving. I've tried networking, but unfortunately it did not help me, tried selling items to my friend, and once again it did not help me a lot. So I tried to enter online selling and at first I’ve notice a slight improvement and continue selling online, until I tried which boosts my earnings.

Here are several good things I notice selling products at ayosdito:
1.    You’ll have greater network of buyers.
2.    You’ll have credible buyers.
3.    You’ll have more privacy on personal information.
4. immediately post your product within the day after reviewing your post

Tried buying items also at ayosdito and I know that all the sellers are credible for ayosdito monitors every post before they post it in their site, thus preventing spammers. is a great place to find anything you need at affordable prices, may it be cheap laptops, mobile phones (or any gadgets),used cars, Houses and a lot more exciting items.

Visit to sell you product and shop your Christmas gifts this yuletide seasons. Happy online shopping!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Recommendations For The Way CPR Is Performed

The American Heart Association announced today new recommendations for the way CPR is performed. The small change could make a big difference in the lives of people suffering from cardiac arrest, the organization says.

For nearly 40 years, CPR guidelines have trained people to follow these simple A-B-C instructions—tilt the victim's head back to open the airway, then pinch their nose and do a succession of breaths into their mouth, and finally perform chest compressions.

But now, the AHA says starting with the C of chest compressions will help oxygen-rich blood circulate throughout the body sooner, which is critical for people who have had a heart attack. With this shift, rescuers and responding emergency personnel should now follow a C-A-B process—begin with chest compression, then move on to address the airway and breaths. This change applies to adults, children, and babies, but does not apply to newborns.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Huawei e5830 (MiFi for sale)

Huawei E5/E5830
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
EDGE/GPRS/GSM 1900/1800/900/850 MHz
Open line

Php. 5,700

How does this work? Simply put your simcard in the unit, switch the e5830 on and there you go! You already have a WiFi network wherever you walk . This gadget can accomodate up to 5 gadgets -- PC, laptops, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Nintendo DS.. Any gadget that has WiFi!

For more questions, just leave a comment below and I will answer them. If you want to order, leave your mobile number and name in the comment section below and we will get in touch with you.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Five Facts Everyone Should Know about Handwashing with Soap

1. Washing hands with water alone is not enough!

Washing hands with water alone, a common practice around the world, is significantly less effective than washing hands with soap.Proper hand washing requires soap and only a small amount of water.Using soap works by breaking down the grease and dirt that carry most germs, facilitating the rubbing and friction that dislodge them and leaving hands smelling pleasant. The clean smell and feeling that soap creates are incentives for its use. With proper use, all soaps are equally effective at rinsing away disease-causing germs.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Multi-tasking Woman Who Values Attitude, Looks And Oral Hygiene.

An example of a modern-day superwoman, Lucy Torres – Gomez is able to juggle her roles as a mother, wife, TV host and congresswoman with ease. Her responsibilities however do not take away her ability to keep up her looks and energy, as well as her oral hygiene.

Her jobs involve having to meet and greet people from many walks of life, and she finds bad breathe a form of disrespect to others. To make sure she is always presentable and avoid embarrasment, she carries around with her OraCare toothpaste and mouthwash to rid herself of the lingering taste and smell of food in her mouth.

With the help of stabilized chlorine dioxide, an antibacterial agent that helps eliminate bad bacteria and neutralize the source of bad mouth odors, OraCare mouthwash is able to keep Lucy’s breath fresh instead of merely masking the smell without the stinging sensation that most alcohol based mouthwashes leave.

Falling in love with OraCare after her first try, Lucy also uses OraCare toothpaste that contains aloe vera to soothe and moisturize gums. Similar to the mouthwash, it is also formulated to provide long lasting fresh breathe while protecting the teeth from plaque, gingivitis and tartar- causing bacteria.

Lucy values oral hygiene so much that she has passed on her habits to her 10-year-old daughter.
A true example, indeed. With the help of OraCare toothpaste and mouthwash, Lucy claims that life is sweeter and she is able to approach anyone with the confidence that she will not embarrass herself because of bad breathe. After all, what good is beauty if you smell bad?