Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy or Not???

Happy or Not??? Are you enjoying your job?
or are you among the others who does not enjoy or like their job???

happy or not

There are a lot of people who are not happy with their job, or shall I say who does not enjoy doing their routine(job); they are just doing their job because that is related to the course they got in college, which a lot of us think that this course (course that you take) can give you good career or lead you to a successful life, others may think that "I enrolled in this course, because this is the demand in this generation, and also others are taking the course just because their parents want that course for them. parents want their children to be like them or parents want his/her child to do business with them under one corporation or business.

Not all dreams will come true, you always dream to be someone, someone that you want to be in the future(i.e. doctor, lawyer, etc.), but the question there is: is it your passion?, do you think you'll enjoy in that career?, will you have fun in the specific field you are taking? these are some questions you should consider before you choose a specific course that you will be taking in college. because what you take will dictate your future. choose your career carefully, so that you won't regret in the future.

DLS-CSB, DLSU , University of Makati , UP , ADMU

Say cheese!!!

Why is there a lot of people who really loves to take picture of themselves?, When the camera is focused on them, they immediately post and smile(say cheese)?

Say CheeseI have friends who really loves taking picture of herself, their cellphone is full of their picture, even their computer... when my camera is with me, some of them keeps bugging me, asking to take their picture or to take picture with them... one day I ask some of them, have you ever thought in joining a contest??? they told me that we would never win, to join a contest a person should be tall and beautiful and I told them that's not the only criteria to win in a contest, there is a lot of things the judge are looking for a person to win, since you all have a beautiful hair why don't you join a contest, I heard that the Pantene has a promo Entitled "Dare to be the Most Beautiful" and I am encouraging my friend to join the contest.

Pantene Dare to be the Most BeautifulI wrote this blog to encourage my friends to join, so if they are reading this right now here is how to join:

1. Registering online REGISTER HERE

2. Submit photo that contains 4 girls (you and 3 of your friends) that shows your shiny and good looking long hair.

Who can join?

- Must be a Female Philippine Resident

- age 18 - 35

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chowking Bloggers Event

I know that we Filipinos love RICE , that our meal won't be complete without rice...

Every time I eat at Chowking i usually order their Chicken lauriat or sometimes I order an extra Beef Chao fan to complete my meal since I also love rice, because my meal won't be complete without it...

yesterday June 25, 2008 I was able to join the Chowking Chao Fan blogger's event in Chowking Eastwood Branch , and given the chance to taste thier different Chao Fan (beef Chao Fan, pork Chao Fan, yang Chow, & spicy Chao Fan) with toppings (lumpiang shanghai, eggs, siomai, fried dumplings)...
I arrived there around 3:30PM together with my friends... we walk around to look for Chowking... and ask the Concierge where to locate it and both of them gave 2 different direction (wondering which direction is the right path???) oh, well... let me share my experience with you.

as we arrived in the venue, the Sponsors (Chowking & Yehey) warmly welcomed us. the event is full of interactive activities, we had the opportunity to ask the manager some questions, we played games which are fun, and of course the main part of the event CHOW TIME.... as always, as I eat I extract the ingredient of the food (just for fun).

all kinds of Chao Fan "Iba ang Kain pag kanin"

as I eat their Chao Fan you sure can taste their flavorful Rice with every bite...

Thank you.. Chowking and Yehey... till next time... btw they even let us take some food(Chao Fan) home! tnx... =)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

High price

High price in gas, electric bill, water bill, and in everything...

Nowadays all prices are increasing especially gas... many people are looking for alternatives to minimize their cost... some purchase motorcycle as their alternative... some people are business minded and use their vehicle for carpool...

for me motorcycle is an alternative but is it safe???

I heard the Isuzu has knockdown! promo they are slashing down as high as Php. 50,000
and the vehicle is so spacious you can use it for car pools

I am sharing this blog to everyone since we all have the same dilemma

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Break the ice...

Stress out???

give yourself a break...

relax yourself for just a few minutes...


read jokes, view funny picture page, and komiks... relax yourself with laughter...

enjoy reading...


Good day!

We all know how Pinoys love rice so much that they eat it with every meal. That’s why Oriental quick-service food chain Chowking, always quick to adapt to the unique Pinoy taste, introduced Chinese rice dish Chao Fan to the menu!

Simply put, Chao Fan is fried rice. But Chowking makes the popular Chinese treat even more delectable by offering it in different varieties: Pork, Beef, Spicy Chicken, Spicy Beef, and Yang Chow. And to satisfy your tastebuds even more, Chowking allows you to top your Chao Fan off with egg, fried dumplings, lumpia shanghai, or siomai.

Chowking is inviting 25 lucky bloggers to enjoy the tasty treat that is Chao Fan on June 25, 2008, 5:00-7:00pm, at the Chowking branch in Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City.

Please send the following registration details to


Email Address

Blog Name & URL
Mobile Number

You have until June 23, 2008 at 6:00PM to sign up for the event.
We will send an email confirmation to the 25 bloggers who will get to join us for the feast.

We hope to see you at the Chowking Chao Fan Treat! Iba talaga ang kainan pag Chao Fan!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

IT going Green

D0 you know that IT also contributes green house gases...
Actually IT contributes 2% emission in a year same as in our Airlines industry...

What is Green IT - A study and practice of using computer resources in an efficient manner?

in 1992 Energy Star Program introduce the sleep mode function this is to conserve energy

How is Green IT undertaken?
1. Virtualization (1server : many clients)
2. Power management
3. Low Performance Computer
4. more efficient component
5. Material recycling (having the system dismantled in a manner that allows for the safe extraction of the constituent materials for reuse in other products)
6. Telecommuting (satellite store)

Reason for recycling:
1. Valuable source for secondary raw materials
2. material can be use in future production

Benefits of Green Computing/ Green IT
1. it saves money
2. it’s the right thing to do
3. it’s not easy being green
4. sustained growth requires sustainable operation
5. Attracts and retain customers
6. inspire employees
7. improve reputation and brand value
8. be a cost-saving for your organization
9. lower exposure to energy prices
10. energy efficient IT is high performance IT

Top 3 Green IT vendors:
1. IBM
2. BT group PLC
3. Quatcom

Lets help stop Global Warming…

Monday, June 16, 2008

Go! Go! Gadget...

Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets... there are a lot of gadgets around us, and almost every one of us owns at least one gadget. It seems that a person won’t be able to survive a day without his/her gadget with them.

Why is it that almost all of us want to own a gadget? What would be its pros and cons to us? Which of this gadgets should we have? Which is more affordable? Who has more quality? When did it start and its evolution...

Did you know that?
- The first Mobile phone was introduced in the year 1947
- 0G was introduced in the year 1945
- The first Pager was introduced in the year 1959 and was introduced by Motorola...
- The first Computer game was introduced by Nintendo (1977) and the game was DK
- The Tetris game first start at the year 1980
- In 1983 Family Computer was introduced and its usual game is Super Mario.

- 1985 Nintendo introduced its Nintendo Entertainment system
- Followed by Gameboy in 1989

- And our cellular phone started at the year 1994
- in the year 1995 Internet was introduced.
- And the following gadgets followed Sony Play station 1,2 & 3 , Sony PSP, Nintendo DS lite, etc.
- Year 2006 Nintendo Wii was introduced

for more information about gadgets, reviews about gadget please visit:

Food Trip!!!

Looking for a great palce to celebrate your special occasion??? Dates, Birthdays, Anniversary.. and other events that are very important to you...

Dine at any Italianni's outlet.. and get surprised with wonderful EXTRAs... a celebration that you'll never regret and so special that it will be the most memorable one.....

experience its delightful mouthwatering dishes from italianni's its appetizers to its soup & salads to its main course and lasltly its desserts... and feel the good Burp! after a satisfying complete meal...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

FREE Nintendo Wii !!!

Want to own your very own Nintendo Wii for FREE???

It's a race to see who piles on the most Bretas! The first Yehey! user to reach 10,000 Bretas by posting on Yehey! Message Boards gets to take home this awesome prize.

Don't get left behind in the Wii craze. Join Yehey!'s Amazing Wii Bretas Race and be on your way to gaming heaven. The race is on!

Prizes are:
> Nintendo Wii for the first user to reach 10,000 Bretas
> Consolation prizes for the succeeding top 9 highest Breta holders with at least 3,000 Bretas are:
0 Yehey! Planner 2008
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just visit this site and read the mechanics on how to join....


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Looking for a great gift for your dad?

wondering what gift you could give to your dad this Father's day, or thinking of a way to show your gratitude on all the things, advice that your dad had given to you...


Share your idea , have an idea!!!

Global Warming

DOST-PAGASA FY-2D Image for 4 p.m.,June 12, 2008

we are now currently facing the consequences on what we have done...

as you can see in the photo, it is clear above the Philippines, there is no cloud or any tropical cyclone...
But why are we experiencing hevy rains, yesterday we also had experienced hevy rain (6/11/08)...
there is only one reason, one possible reason and that is because of GLOBAL WARMING.
Global Warming
- increases our average temperature, the reason why the temp. here in the Philippines reaches almost 40 degree celcius or higher. (Heat waves and periods of unusually warm weather )
-intensify storms, just like what happened in Myanmar, and in other country such as in the United States (Hurricane Katrina)
-heavy rains and floods in some parts of the world while drought in other parts of the world.(Ocean warming, sea-level rise and coastal flooding, Droughts and fires )
-unpredicted thunder storms, rain shower in different areas.
Stop Global Warming by:
- segrigating your trash (biodegradable, non biodegradable, and recycable).
- stop burning your trash.
- don't just throw your trash anywhere.
- conserve enegy (turn off electricity that is not being utilize).
- Stop Smoking
- plant more tree/plants