Tuesday, June 17, 2008

IT going Green

D0 you know that IT also contributes green house gases...
Actually IT contributes 2% emission in a year same as in our Airlines industry...

What is Green IT - A study and practice of using computer resources in an efficient manner?

in 1992 Energy Star Program introduce the sleep mode function this is to conserve energy

How is Green IT undertaken?
1. Virtualization (1server : many clients)
2. Power management
3. Low Performance Computer
4. more efficient component
5. Material recycling (having the system dismantled in a manner that allows for the safe extraction of the constituent materials for reuse in other products)
6. Telecommuting (satellite store)

Reason for recycling:
1. Valuable source for secondary raw materials
2. material can be use in future production

Benefits of Green Computing/ Green IT
1. it saves money
2. it’s the right thing to do
3. it’s not easy being green
4. sustained growth requires sustainable operation
5. Attracts and retain customers
6. inspire employees
7. improve reputation and brand value
8. be a cost-saving for your organization
9. lower exposure to energy prices
10. energy efficient IT is high performance IT

Top 3 Green IT vendors:
1. IBM
2. BT group PLC
3. Quatcom

Lets help stop Global Warming…

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