Thursday, June 12, 2008

Global Warming

DOST-PAGASA FY-2D Image for 4 p.m.,June 12, 2008

we are now currently facing the consequences on what we have done...

as you can see in the photo, it is clear above the Philippines, there is no cloud or any tropical cyclone...
But why are we experiencing hevy rains, yesterday we also had experienced hevy rain (6/11/08)...
there is only one reason, one possible reason and that is because of GLOBAL WARMING.
Global Warming
- increases our average temperature, the reason why the temp. here in the Philippines reaches almost 40 degree celcius or higher. (Heat waves and periods of unusually warm weather )
-intensify storms, just like what happened in Myanmar, and in other country such as in the United States (Hurricane Katrina)
-heavy rains and floods in some parts of the world while drought in other parts of the world.(Ocean warming, sea-level rise and coastal flooding, Droughts and fires )
-unpredicted thunder storms, rain shower in different areas.
Stop Global Warming by:
- segrigating your trash (biodegradable, non biodegradable, and recycable).
- stop burning your trash.
- don't just throw your trash anywhere.
- conserve enegy (turn off electricity that is not being utilize).
- Stop Smoking
- plant more tree/plants

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