Monday, April 13, 2009

Photography 101 from an expert

I always admire photos captured by photographers; it’s either captured by a professionals or non-pro. And there’s always one question that comes into my mind every time I see a well composed photo -- and that is “how can they capture such a magnificent picture?” I’ve always loved photography, I take pictures every now and then, learning from my mistake, but still I can’t see the art on my work that I see on others art.

Now I learned something as I attended a seminar sponsored by Pixel Pro, hearing it from the professional Mr. Mike Mariano I learned that, I need to understand my subject, the environment, the equipment I have and my capabilities.

Here are some guide questions that they gave us:
1. Whom do I shoot?
2. What type of light do I use?
3. Where do I shoot – indoors or outdoors?
4. What type of equipment do I use?
5. How do I handle my subjects?
6. When is the right time to make them “say cheese”?

By the way I have visited their store located at V-359 3rd floor-mall, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City. And it’s just like a dream land for me; they have all the camera gadgets that I’ve always wanted at an affordable price!!!

Contact Info: 726-9387 ; 584-5356

Coffee table talk w/ Sec. Ebdane

As a frequent listener to a political matters and also interested in political talks, given the chance to meet Sec. Hermogenes Ebdane is a must not miss chance and I immediately grabbed the opportunity to have this little talk with Sec. Ebdane.

It was indeed an honor to meet and have a chat with him. first they let us see all the projects that the Department of Public Works and Hi-ways (DPWH) had accomplished then introduced some projects that are still ongoing and a little overview of some of the projects that are still in blue prints.

I actually have seen and used one of the projects that the DPWH had accomplished. Last December I went to Ilocos and on the way to our hotel I saw a bridge that is under construction or shall I say that it’s already in the finishing stage, few days later they inaugurated the newly constructed bridge and I could say that we are the first few people who used the bridge. This is just one of their projects, some may say that they are not doing anything; I say that they could not work on all the projects all together, they are carefully studying each project: the cost, the budget allotted, the structure itself. I could say that they are prioritizing to develop the provinces right now since the Philippine is promoting the tourism in different location of our country, but nonetheless they are still working on our roads here in Metro Manila. I have passed by several roads/hi-ways that are having a construction including the MRT-LRT Loop.