Sunday, August 21, 2011

KFC's Newest Burger: The KFC Tower Burger

Have you seen the latest from KFC? From the Twister to the Krushers and the Double-down, now, it's the KFC Tower Burger!

Beat your hunger by munching on the sesame top bun, crispy lettuce, yummy mayo, original KFC chicken fillet, melted cheese and crunchy hash brown! And in 2 minutes, someone as hungry as me can finish the KFC Tower Burger in 3 minutes! Yes, just 3 minutes! The next time I'm going to try it, I'll try to down the whole thing in just 2 minutes. Why? The time saved can be spent on something else, right?

Have you heard of the 2-minute rule? According to a time management consultant, a task that can be done within 2 minutes should be done immediately rather than waiting for them to be piled up. Makes me wonder... If I can finish the Tower Burger in 2 minutes, I will have 58 minutes more time away from lunch or dinner and maybe do something more productive!

Cool idea, huh? I want to try it. :)