Friday, November 19, 2010

Residence INN Resort and Mini Zoo in Tagaytay

I wanted a CLEAN, cozy and cold room every time I would end each tiring tour for me to relax and rest. But this time I never thought (not in my wildest dream) that I will be this very disappointed in a hotel, never came across my mind to experience such unpleasant stay.

As we settle our thing in our room, checking out some facilities in the room and taking picture of the room (as I always do every time I enter my hotel room).

This is what I encounter in the room of  RESIDENCE INN Resort and Mini Zoo in Tagaytay (FYI we just check-in)

      1. RED Ants all over the room - I followed their track to know where the ants came from, shockingly I found out that they are present 360 degree in the room walls and ceiling, seat cover and table and worst of all its EVEN IN THE BED!!!!
ant in my pillow and a dozen of ants killed
     2. Spiders – Spotted 3 spiders in the ceiling, I have no idea if there are still other spiders inside the room but there are a lot of spider webs as well.

     3. Cockroach – I hate seeing Cockroach, Having a Cockroach in a room only means that a place is NOT CLEAN.

     4. Stains – I saw stain marks in the Sofa, chair cushions and in the pillow case PLUS a bonus of hair strand.

     5. Refrigerator – The shelves are already rusty and unpleasant smell once opened.

     6. TV – They have a cable TV….. with only 2 local channels.

     7. Lights – Insufficient lighting in the room even in the restroom PLUS some busted light bulbs which makes the room dark.

     8. Door Lock – What’s the purpose of having a lock when it is broken???

Well I guess their room is part of the zoo, as you check-in in this hotel you’ll have a free admission in their zoo, not knowingly that even the room is part of the attraction.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Women Empowerment Program From Cream Silk

Nowadays women can do what men are doing!!! This is what Cream Silk believes. it’s not the same as the earlier times that most women stay home and all the men go out and work for the family.

Cream silk has given a great opportunity to several female college students in providing a scholarship program. They call this program “Cream Silk Women Empowerment Program” which several female college students taking up male dominated course such as: Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and other courses. A great move for Social Responsibility of Cream Silk, now they have a total of 96 scholars since they started on November 2008 and there are already a total of 10 scholars who had already graduated last march 2010.

Venus Raj being the new brand ambassador of Cream Silk, proved that no matter how difficult life is there is always a way and everything is possible you just need to have determination this is what Venus Raj believed. She was once a scholar and had only 1 set of uniform during her High School Life, her mom washes her uniform every time for her to be able to use it again the following day, Venus Raj also loves also joining Beauty pageants, which she gave her winning from the contest  to her mom to help for the family.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Philippine Credit Card Promos

Master Card 

  • Sales transactions paid by using Philippine Member bank – issued MasterCard credit and/or debit cards, MasterCard Electronic and/or Int'l Cirrus Maestro ATM cards, simultaneously with an SM Advantage or Prestige Card, will be given one electronic raffle entry for every Php5,000 single receipt purchase, for a chance to win 1 of 500 iPod Touch with JBL Docking Station, at the store counter level. 
  • For every P5,000 single-receipt purchase in any SM Department Store nationwide with his/her MasterCard, the cardholder is entitled to one (1) electronic raffle coupon that will give him/her a chance to win one (1) of the 500 iPod touch with JBL IIP docking station.
-Purchase of cellcards, phone cards, SM gift cheques or concert tickets at the Customer Service Counter are not entitled to raffle coupons.
-The nationwide promo will run from October 01, 2010 to December 31, 2010.