Monday, July 18, 2011

ComUnion ERP in The Local Scene

ComUnion is helping small and midsized businesses to manage their operations in a better way. ComUnion is a fully functional, open platform for Enterprise Resource Planning and Management, they integrates key functions and processes within your organization into one seamless application.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Food Trip : Chicken Wings Craze 1

Nowadays there is a lot of restaurant outlets that is serving chicken wings around Metro there is Chicken Charlie, Bonchon Chicken, Sunrise Bucket, Charlies Grind and Grill and more, so far these are all the store that I've been and I've tasted.

lately I find myself addicted to chicken wings, to tell you the truth as I write this article I am having a soy garlic chicken wing at chicken charlie, want some? so good and delicious, its crunchiness, freshness and tasteful chicken meat... *yumyum*... 

Anyway as I was saying, lately I find myself addicted to chicken wings, been eating chicken wing almost every weekend(good thing that i didn't grow wings, hehehe). here are some of my observation from the four different outlets
*note this is in random*