Monday, July 18, 2011

ComUnion ERP in The Local Scene

ComUnion is helping small and midsized businesses to manage their operations in a better way. ComUnion is a fully functional, open platform for Enterprise Resource Planning and Management, they integrates key functions and processes within your organization into one seamless application.

ComUnion ERP is an integration of core functions in an enterprise that has been levered through the years as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) rapid growth in sales during the last decade. It is then no surprise that the Philippine demand for the ERP system has increased as well as we entered the twenty-first century. Local corporations, even government and non-profit organizations now look forward to having a more organized flow of their business information.

The unseen scene in a corporation, the so-called the back office, will now be integrated by the tasks that involves the customers directly, the front office. The immense advantages of this business application can be felt by the whole organization not just those on top position. This also brings wonderful results to the company such as the transparency across the organization, and fewer human error. This not only lessens the tedious labor exerted, but saves operational time and expenses as well.

Consequently, during the last decade ComUnionERP team ventured in the conceptualization of Enterprise Resource Planning for a more suitable application for the local industry. Emerging as an accounting and financial data as its premise, It captures and understands local company operations and business management to create a valuable focus and data management.

The on-premise version of ComUnion acknowledges local businesses best practices giving each organization an exclusive system. ComUnion was a success and it had gone to further advancement like the development of an all processing and storage in a cloud server. However, even the huge investment of skills, talent and research cannot accommodate further development of the ComUnion Web ERP to its final stage as the team decided to focus on reselling. The system however can only be in its completion when a new set of people come and continue the legacy. Given the dedication in a painstaking development of the ComUnion Web ERP it is only expected that they aspire it to be continued by commendable people. Now the group welcomes fine companies fitted to handle and continue ComUnion Web ERP.

If you are interested get in touch through and they are more than willing to discuss the matter.

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