Thursday, July 7, 2011

Food Trip : Chicken Wings Craze 1

Nowadays there is a lot of restaurant outlets that is serving chicken wings around Metro there is Chicken Charlie, Bonchon Chicken, Sunrise Bucket, Charlies Grind and Grill and more, so far these are all the store that I've been and I've tasted.

lately I find myself addicted to chicken wings, to tell you the truth as I write this article I am having a soy garlic chicken wing at chicken charlie, want some? so good and delicious, its crunchiness, freshness and tasteful chicken meat... *yumyum*... 

Anyway as I was saying, lately I find myself addicted to chicken wings, been eating chicken wing almost every weekend(good thing that i didn't grow wings, hehehe). here are some of my observation from the four different outlets
*note this is in random*

let me first talk about chicken charlie because I'm at chicken charlie.

What I like most at Chicken Charlie is their soy garlic chicken. well maybe I don't eat spicy food so I don't dare myself to try the spicy sweet chicken wings. Well I can say that their Chicken now is more tastier compared to the first time I visited chicken charlie way back then when their branch is still located at retiro quzon city, now you can even taste the flavor infuse in their chicken meat.

 While you wait for your order as they'll be preparing and cooking your food as you order to make sure that its best and quality chicken to be serve at your table hot and fresh. you can always add some side dish to eat while you wait they have yum fries.
a healthier option with our shoestring yam fries, fried until they’re perfectly crisp. Great for snacking!
or you can order Potato wedges
Fat, crunchy European potatoes cooked with the skin on
or if you want a challenge or spicy up your appetite try their Cheese Stick Dynamite
A surprisingly creamy, spicy, and intense burst of flavor in your mouth. 
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