Monday, March 28, 2011

The Pinoy Pride Fair 2011 in Singapore

Be there and support our Filipino Community in Singapore...

The Pinoy Pride Fair 2011 is a Concert, Comedy, Trade Show and a fair that will showcase products and service for our Filipino friends, Kabayans who is working / living in Singapore.

This is an 8-Hour long celebration with 5 hours of Trade Show (No ticket needed) showcasing products and services targeted to the Professional Filipino market in Singapore and 2.5 hours of Concert and Stand-up comedy (Tickets needed) together with

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Somnio Custom Running Shoes: Built For The Long Run

Built For The Long Run
Somnio is the first customizable shoe in the running shoe industry. Somnio shoes feature an adjustable component system that creates a custom-fit to match each runner's unique biomechanics. 
"Statistic: 60% of us has different foot size, Shape and foot works"

Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan Hit by 8.9 Magnitude Eatrhquake And Hit by Tsunami

Tokyo (CNN) -- An 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit northern Japan, triggering tsunamis and sending a massive body of water filled with debris that included boats and houses inching toward highways.

The epicenter was 373 kilometers (231 miles) away from the capital, Tokyo, the United States Geological Survey said. But residents there felt the tremors.

The quake rattled buildings and toppled cars off bridges and into waters underneath. Waves of debris flowed like lava across farmland, pushing boats, houses and trailers toward highways.

List of earthquake that hit Japan this March 11, 2011 in the span of 2 hours