Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Somnio Custom Running Shoes: Built For The Long Run

Built For The Long Run
Somnio is the first customizable shoe in the running shoe industry. Somnio shoes feature an adjustable component system that creates a custom-fit to match each runner's unique biomechanics. 
"Statistic: 60% of us has different foot size, Shape and foot works"

When I join runs, I always join the 5k category. Once I did tried to join for the 10k category but I notice that on the 8th kilometer of my run, I'm starting to feel  the pain on the right ankle of my foot, yesterday I got the chance to know more about the mechanics of my feet. After taking the test, I found out that my left foot need a different shoe fit requirement than my right foot.

"Statistic: 75% of us has a different foot from the other foot"
My Right Foot
My Left Foot

Most of our attitude in buying our shoes on the department store, is that we just base on its design, color and brand. I am guilty about that, although I know that there are store who check your foot works.

There are several store already here in the Philippines who offer the same service that they will check your foot works and they will choose which shoes best fits you, but  Somnio they use 2 methods to check your foot works and to measure your foot (arc height, cushioning(Ind-X inserts), varus) to best match the custom fit of your foot needs. they will adjust each shoe that will fit the requirement of each foot. 

The Somnio fit process works in 5 easy steps:
  1.     The individual stands on our patented Line-Up device.
  2.     The fitter adjusts the varus until the knee is aligned.
  3.     The fitter uses the arch ball to select the correct footbed.
  4.     The fitter uses the chart to select the correct Ind-X inserts.
  5.     Then, the fitter slides the *F.E.A.T system into the shoe for the individual to try.
  6.     (*Functionally Engineered Adaptable Tricomponent System)
Somnio is 100% flat base and they will adjust your shoe to meet the right custom fit for you and they are making sure they insert the correct footbed, correct insert and correct varus for your comfortable wearing, for a comfortable run, longer run, and solving any foot problem.

can't wait for my next run!!! will be posting my experience with my new Somnio pacemaker running shoes...

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Sunawachi Izumi said...

Cool! *stare*...a customize Running shoe and looks comfy enough~ \(^A^ )

since there are some other shoe companies promised that they will make a running shoe which some of them get their aim for their customers likes but here also a another important question to ask themselves "is it comfortable enough for the customers to wear them even for long term use? and how to make it durable enough to withstand years of running?"
(O_O )a?

so that when the customers seems to love the products which the company offers and then the customers who bought the shoes will mostly come back to get another one of those excellent running shoe and getting a higher chance to make those satisfied customers as a "value clients". =D