Friday, November 19, 2010

Residence INN Resort and Mini Zoo in Tagaytay

I wanted a CLEAN, cozy and cold room every time I would end each tiring tour for me to relax and rest. But this time I never thought (not in my wildest dream) that I will be this very disappointed in a hotel, never came across my mind to experience such unpleasant stay.

As we settle our thing in our room, checking out some facilities in the room and taking picture of the room (as I always do every time I enter my hotel room).

This is what I encounter in the room of  RESIDENCE INN Resort and Mini Zoo in Tagaytay (FYI we just check-in)

      1. RED Ants all over the room - I followed their track to know where the ants came from, shockingly I found out that they are present 360 degree in the room walls and ceiling, seat cover and table and worst of all its EVEN IN THE BED!!!!
ant in my pillow and a dozen of ants killed
     2. Spiders – Spotted 3 spiders in the ceiling, I have no idea if there are still other spiders inside the room but there are a lot of spider webs as well.

     3. Cockroach – I hate seeing Cockroach, Having a Cockroach in a room only means that a place is NOT CLEAN.

     4. Stains – I saw stain marks in the Sofa, chair cushions and in the pillow case PLUS a bonus of hair strand.

     5. Refrigerator – The shelves are already rusty and unpleasant smell once opened.

     6. TV – They have a cable TV….. with only 2 local channels.

     7. Lights – Insufficient lighting in the room even in the restroom PLUS some busted light bulbs which makes the room dark.

     8. Door Lock – What’s the purpose of having a lock when it is broken???

Well I guess their room is part of the zoo, as you check-in in this hotel you’ll have a free admission in their zoo, not knowingly that even the room is part of the attraction.

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