Sunday, November 14, 2010

Women Empowerment Program From Cream Silk

Nowadays women can do what men are doing!!! This is what Cream Silk believes. it’s not the same as the earlier times that most women stay home and all the men go out and work for the family.

Cream silk has given a great opportunity to several female college students in providing a scholarship program. They call this program “Cream Silk Women Empowerment Program” which several female college students taking up male dominated course such as: Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and other courses. A great move for Social Responsibility of Cream Silk, now they have a total of 96 scholars since they started on November 2008 and there are already a total of 10 scholars who had already graduated last march 2010.

Venus Raj being the new brand ambassador of Cream Silk, proved that no matter how difficult life is there is always a way and everything is possible you just need to have determination this is what Venus Raj believed. She was once a scholar and had only 1 set of uniform during her High School Life, her mom washes her uniform every time for her to be able to use it again the following day, Venus Raj also loves also joining Beauty pageants, which she gave her winning from the contest  to her mom to help for the family.

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