Monday, April 13, 2009

Photography 101 from an expert

I always admire photos captured by photographers; it’s either captured by a professionals or non-pro. And there’s always one question that comes into my mind every time I see a well composed photo -- and that is “how can they capture such a magnificent picture?” I’ve always loved photography, I take pictures every now and then, learning from my mistake, but still I can’t see the art on my work that I see on others art.

Now I learned something as I attended a seminar sponsored by Pixel Pro, hearing it from the professional Mr. Mike Mariano I learned that, I need to understand my subject, the environment, the equipment I have and my capabilities.

Here are some guide questions that they gave us:
1. Whom do I shoot?
2. What type of light do I use?
3. Where do I shoot – indoors or outdoors?
4. What type of equipment do I use?
5. How do I handle my subjects?
6. When is the right time to make them “say cheese”?

By the way I have visited their store located at V-359 3rd floor-mall, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City. And it’s just like a dream land for me; they have all the camera gadgets that I’ve always wanted at an affordable price!!!

Contact Info: 726-9387 ; 584-5356

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