Saturday, July 18, 2009

At SM they've got it all for you

Years ago when WiFi first started, we have been in search of places that offers FREE WiFi where we can spend some past time and beat off the heat.

Now a days, most establishments offers WiFi when you dine with them, especially coffee shops. But did it ever occur to you that a whole mall could be equipt with such technology? It's all possible with the vision of SM malls.

SM Megamall is now offering free WiFi access to everyone inside the mall! No purchases necessary to avail of this feature as compared to other establishments.
now where can you see a whole mall doing this? and for FREE! nowhere else but only here at SM malls.

we can now enjoy shopping, watching movie, loitering around to beat of the heat, and many more PLUS enjoy the privilege of accessing the Internet anywhere inside the mall.

as their saying goes, here at SM, they've got it all for you!

**pictures to follow**

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