Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 Feast Of The Black Nazarene

The feast of the Black Nazarene held every January 9 is considered one of the most spectacular religious events that take place in the Philippine history.

The procession begins and the statue in its gilded carriage moves slowly as honored participants dressed in maroon pull the carriage along ropes. during the feast millions devotees from all walks of life come to the district of Quiapo to join the annual procession. Walking barefoot during the procession is seen as a sign of humility.

The statue was brought to Manila by a Spanish priest in 1607 aboard a ship. The ship caught fire, burning the image and thus came to be known as the Black Nazarene. Though the image was burnt, the people decided to preserve and honor it. Since then, miraculous things have been reported to those who touch the image.

A few dozen people pass out and must be taken away by ambulance. And there is at least a small risk of being trampled yearly.

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