Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting Ready For My First Marathon

Globe-Ayala Run For Home"Globe-Ayala Run For Home" will be the first fun run I will attend, quite excited... I registered for the 5k I've been searching and reading tips on how to get ready for my first marathon

These tips will help you prepare and go the distance for a marathon or any long-distance running event.
  1. Condition your body
    To avoid muscle pain or serious injuries, keep yourself in top physical condition. Stretch out and exercise regularly. Do short sprints around the neighborhood, and extend your run to longer distances. By the marathon's date, you'll be fit enough to finish the race.

  2. Get the right gear
    Running shoes and clothes are more than just for looking good. They not only keep you comfortable, but also protect you from harsh elements. Here are some suggestions when looking for the proper gear:

    • Running shoes provide support and comfort during the run. Try to buy the best running shoes you can afford. Good running shoes have adequate cushioning, a good fit, and are made of sturdy materials.

    • Layers. Singlets, shorts, and running tights do more than just identify you on the race course. Lightweight, breathable fabrics wick away moisture from the body, and keep you cool and comfortable as you run.

    • Hydration. Sports drinks or water should always be on hand to keep your body cool. Keep them on hand with a hydration belt.

    • Sunscreen and accessories. Sunblock and sunscreen help protect you from ultraviolet rays. Sunglasses keep the glare out of the road, giving you a clearer view of the course. If you have long hair, wear a cap or a headband to wick away sweat that may get into your eyes.

  3. Watch what you eat
    Carbohydrates are a great source of energy that you need for a marathon, and protein helps build the muscles needed to withstand the race. Avoid junk food and empty calories. Energy bars and protein shakes can also help satisfy your sugar cravings.

  4. Stretch and cool down
    Treat a marathon as a vigorous exercise. To prevent unnecessary injuries, stretch before the run, and cool down after.

  5. Get yourself involved in the community
    Many clubs and organizations help novices and beginners get started in the sport. You can learn a lot from veterans of distance running, as well as form new friendships on the track.

  6. Enjoy
    Marathons keep your body fit, test your limits, and help you enjoy the fine art of running. With these tips, you can make it your quest to go the distance in more races to come.

    The thrill of crossing the finish line first may be the ultimate goal, but the best reward is finishing and enjoying the race. Have fun, and take in as much of the scenery and the experience as you can.
TRAFFIC ADVISORY for Globe-Ayala Run For Home On March 21, 2010.

From: 6:00 a.m. of March 20, 2010 (Saturday)
To: 10:00 am of March 21, 2010 (Sunday)

Road Closure:
-Westbound direction of Ayala Avenue from Makati Avenue to Paseo de Roxas (side of Tower One and MSE)
- Northbound direction of Paseo de Roxas from Ayala Avenue to Makati Avenue (Ayala Triangle Garden side)

Traffic rerouting:
- Westbound vehicles along Ayala Avenue from EDSA going to Gil Puyat Avenue shall turn right to Makati Avenue, left to Paseo de Roxas and right to Ayala Avenue, or may turn left to Makati Avenue and take dela Rosa Street. Vehicles going to Tower One and MSE buildings will be allowed entry thru Ayala Avenue/Makati Avenue;
- Northbound vehicles along Paseo de Roxas from Legaspi Village going toward Gil Puyat Avenue shall turn right to Ayala Avenue, left to Makati Avenue to destination;
- All vehicles along SedeƱo Street shall turn right towards Ayala Avenue.

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