Friday, May 7, 2010

Marina Oyster | Seafood | Grill Restaurant

I've always love to eat oyster, most of the time I go to La Copa just to eat oyster. But now I don't have to go way to far to satisfy my cravings as I have tasted their oyster.

Crispy Wasabi OysterMarina Oyster serves at least six different kinds,
Fresh Oyster,
Baked Oyster,
Sizzling oyster,
Crispy Wasabi Oyster,
and more...
Marina's Menu

Btw I love their crispy Wasabi Oyster... FYI their oyster are flown in fresh from Iloilo daily

Let me just share this promo to all since I Love to rice too...

I know that most of the Filipinos loves to eat RICE, that their meal can't be complete without rice, I myself agree with that because with out rice a meal is not complete for me.

Marina has a promo that We Filipinos will sure enjoy it

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