Monday, June 2, 2014

Ludo Boardgame Bar & Cafe

My friends and I tried this new place located in Sct. Torillo cor. Sct. Fuentebella called Ludo Boardgame Bar and Cafe. A friend just mentioned it to our group so we decided to try it.  

Ludo: Boardgame Bar and Cafe.
Ludo: Boardgame Bar and Cafe.
When I arrive there the place was full and I ask one of the waiter if my friend made a reservation (hoping the reserved tables was for our group). since I am the one to arrive first (around 7pm but we were suppose to meet at 8pm =D), I waited for my group to be complete and at the same time waited for a table to be available. (while waiting I talked to one of the owner sir jay)


Ludo Boardgame Bar and Cafe opened last March 18, 2014, its a hole in the wall type of place and I was amaze on how they manage to have that plenty of boardgames. they have around 350+ boardgames in store and around 200+ more boardgames in their houses.

They encourage you to play the new boardgames than playing the old usual games, since there are 2 to 3 new boardgames every month.

They bought their boardgames from different countries such as: France, Thailand, USA, Europe and others. (If you want to own a boardgame that you loved and enjoyed playing you can buy it from them since they sell boardgames too)

Their boardgame are usually good for 5 players because bigger number of players consumes more time and becomes boring to some as they have to wait for all the other players to finish their turn, But they also have games for bigger groups like Cards Against Humanities.

Since most of their boardgames are new to us, don't hesitate to ask their staff and they are more than happy to help you not only find the games that make you happy, but assist and teach you to play them as well.(Yes! all their staff knows how to play all the boardgames, since they hire people who loves boardgames too). Normally the owners are also there to guide you.

you can stay and play all the boardgames as long as you want, but they have only one request and that is for you to place an order (minimum 1 order per person), may it be a drink or food (they also serve Japanese food, I love their Chicken yakiniku!!).

if you plan to have a private party you can ask the owner for more information or you can follow them in their facebook page at
Mobile Number : 0920 921 8482 
Open: 4:00PM to 1:00AM

 we stayed there until 11pm since we had so much fun that we didn't notice the time already :) so if your stressed-out already and want to have a good laugh and a good time with your friends or family, Ludo Boardgame Bar & Cafe is a right place to go.

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