Thursday, July 29, 2010

SNICKERS® Hunger Buster Challenge

Chocoholics, be on alert! Keep an eye out for the yummiest pick-me-up in the market and energize the people of an entire city with every bar of SNICKERS® that you find! But before you get carried away and actually start hunting your streets for SNICKERS® bars and sharing them with every person you meet; calm down, bite into a SNICKERS® bar and continue reading.

SNICKERS® Hunger Buster Challenge is mixes relaxation and fun with your favorite snack and earning the chance to win amazing prices! Go to where you will hunt for hidden SNICKERS® bars and energize the city’s people. Those who are able to do so in the shortest time get to win fabulous prizes!

And when you think you’re already in choco-heaven, go through the bonus round for chances to win even more prizes! Search for Golden SNICKERS® bars across the web to stand a chance to win prizes! Find clues on SNICKERS®’ Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as the game’s website, to track down those Golden SNICKERS® bars!
Now it’s time to finish off that SNICKERS®  bar that you’ve been munching on and start your hunt to earn the chance to win any of the over 600 prizes to be won! From the perfect bite of chocolate, nougat, peanuts and caramel to winning free movie tickets, a Canon camera, a Ps3 amongst others; you can’t lose with SNICKERS®!

Here are the prizes you can win:
Sony Play Station
Sony Ericsson mobile phones
Canon cameras
movie tickets
mystery gifts

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