Monday, August 2, 2010

M&M's Collectibles

Travelling, despite all its excitement, has its setbacks. Along with seeing breathtaking sites, engaging yourself in a different culture and trying exotic foods are delayed flights that cause extended stays in airports, long lines and lugging around all the luxuries that you want. Why not brighten up those dull moments with the help of the ever so familiar smiles of M&M’s beloved characters?

Explore with the colorful M&M’s bags (back pack or messenger bag) or dress up your own with one of M&M’s bag tags! Going on a long trip? Carry along the M&M’s foldable blanket that can double up as a huggable pillow. Not only will it keep you warm during your trip, you can take along a friendly face with you wherever you go!

Can’t wait to travel your new M&M favorites? Here’s how to get them: Go out and buy your favorite M&M’s and collect as many empty wrappers as you can! The more wrappers you have, the more points you get. Redeem the wrappers and points for the accessories that would soon be your favorites between 15 July – 15 October, 2010.
Premiums can be redeemed in 135 selected USSI in GMA, North and South Luzons.
For more information, please call:
How to get these cool travel accessories:

1) Just keep the M&M empty wrappers. The more wrappers, the more points.
2) Redeem those cool M&M travel accessories using the wrappers!
3) M&M Premium items can be redeemed in 135 selected USSI in GMA, North and South Luzons.
Redemption can be made from 15 July – 15 Oct, 2010.

- M&M’S Luggage Tag at 7 points
- M&M’S Sling-Messenger Bag at 40 points
- M&M’S Foldable Pillow at 80 points
- M&M’S Backpack at 130 points

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