Friday, January 7, 2011

The Faster Way To Ease Clogged Nose

I consider cold as one of the difficult virus to have, cold is just like a trouble maker in our community. If you started to have a cold then flu will follow, head aches due to clogged nose, cough, and many more, they are all one gangsters, that brings difficulties in our life.

Every time I catch a cold, for sure I have this cold for a month. Every now and then I'll suffer from head aches, and most of the time hungry and sleepy due to medicine in take, thus affects my work, won't be able to work properly.and worst of all is having a flu, this time I wont be able to go to work, since my whole body feels weak.

Good thing my doctor prescribe me Drixine Nasal Spray, this gives me a fast relief every time I'm going to use it. unlike other oral decongestant. no more clogged nose thus stopping me to have a head ache, have a clearer way to breath and last is lesser tissue to waste. Because Drixine as my doctor said it controls excessive flow or build up of nasal secretion.

"Drixine Nasal Spray is a nasal decongestant that provides fast relief from clogged nose associated with hay fever, sinusitis, colds and other respiratory allergies in as little as 5 minuets. Drixine contains 0.05% Oxymetazoline a ingredient that was clinically proven to decrease the inflammation and swelling of the nasal passage faster compare to other oral decongestant and allowing air to pass through more freely.

For immediate relief from clogged nose, spray two to three time in into each clogged nostril, morning and evening and not to use more than three days"

• Starts acting in a few minutes
• Reduces swelling in nasal passages
• Controls excessive flow or build up of nasal secretions
• Acts fast for up to 12 hours

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