Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Globe EveryBodyTXT20

Are you a text fanatic? But you are reducing your expenses due to the economic crisis? And still you just can’t leave your home without your phone for a day or still you just can’t stop texting everyone?

Well I have just got the good news to share to you; Globe just recently launched their newest service, the “EveryBodyTXT20”.

With JUST 20 PESOS, a Globe Prepaid Subscriber can enjoy 200 Text messages to Globe and TM subscribers and 20 Text messages to other networks -- this is effective for 24 hrs upon receiving the confirmation. Isn’t it Globe the BEST!!! With just 20 pesos you can text 220 people already!!! WOW!!! Globe is making everything Possible.

So what are you waiting for, Mag Globe etxt 20 Na!!!

How to use “EveryBodyTXT20”
  1. Just go to the nearest Globe Load Retailer Store or Business Centers and ask for EveryBodyTXT20. Just pay 20 PESOS and they will send you your EveryBodyTXT20 from their phone.

  2. Register Via text
    a. Simply type ETXT20 and send it to 8888.(Php20 will be deducted from your account)
    b. And wait for the conformation.
**As simple as that, just remember ETXT20 and send it to 8888**

Btw, did I mention that you don’t need to maintain a minimum of 1 peso balance anymore if you purchased EveryBodyTXT20?

The good news is not yet over, with Globe they just make it better!!!

Paramihan Challenge Want 100,000 Pesos? Just join this new contest launched by Globe called “The Paramihan Challenge

Here’s How…

1. Record a video performing a Paramihan Challenge. Kayong bahala kung ano ang gagawin niyo, basta paramihan!

2. Create an account on and join the Laban Tayo Dyan! Paramihan Challenge group on paramihanchallenge.

3. Upload your entry as a video entry on the group’s page. Select your video file from your PC, record using Multiply Video Recorder, or Import videos using externals sites.

4. Fill in the TITLE and DESCRIPTION for the video. I-describe kung anong “Paramihan Challenge” ang kinunan niyo ng video. ‘Wag din kalimutang ilagay ang kumpleto niyong pangalan.

5. Hintayin ang confirmation message sa email.

6. Hurry! Upload now. Last day to submit entries will be on June 19, 2009.

For more detailed mechanics Click Here

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