Thursday, May 7, 2009

Salisbury Steak and Carbonara Masterpiece

If you check the meaning of Masterpiece in the dictionary, it is defined as:

mas·ter·piece (mas't?r-pes')n.

1. An outstanding work of art or craft.
2. The greatest work, as of an artist. Also called masterwork.
3. Something superlative of its kind: a masterpiece of political ingenuity.

Salisbury Steak
When used to describe food, this simply means it's the cream of the crop (most delicious of them all). With Red Ribbon's new addition to the menu, they have yet added another classic food in the menu next to their award-winning palabok.

They have just introduced the 100% all-beef salisbury steak topped with rich mushroom gravy sauce with smooth and creamy mashed potato and buttered corn and carrots on the side and it's making mouths water!
Creamy Carbonara

not only that! Speaking of cream of the crop, they have this "made more delectable" creamy carbonara!!! with chicken, bacon, mushrooms, cheese and premium spices, topped with parsley, shaved parmesan cheese and bacon bits and on the side bread with herbs.

Cookies and Cream with OreoBut, wait! There's more!What better way to end your meal than to eat a slice of their cake?? They also announced a new cake called Cookies and Cream with Oreo - Just in time for the mothers day!!!

All of those at an incredibly affordable price! Imagine that, eating delicious food at low prices in times like these? No wonder they are successful! They also think of ways on how the consumers can enjoy their latest masterpiece called the Red Ribbon Salisbury Steak and the Red Ribbon Creamy Carbonara!

For More information visit thier web site:

Red Ribbon

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